The mGive Value - Managing More with Mobile

Many people associate mGive with Text to Give. We’re the proven leader in mobile fundraising for global disaster and crisis relief. However, our philosophy is that mobile is more. 90% of our clients using our SMS platform, mobile tools and strategic services are not disaster oriented. Some of our clients aren’t even using text to raise money.


Because mGive empowers clients to do more with mobile, delivering increased value and results by managing mobile in a strategic way in order to acquire, engage and retain donors, volunteers and advocates. In other words, it’s not about a simple one time text donation. It’s about developing and cultivating long-standing relationships through the mobile device. Text to Give is just one of the many perks.

Our insights, gleaned from our experience as creators and cultivators of the mobile channel for social good, coupled with our knowledge of fundraising best practices, enable us to make mobile a cross-channel powerhouse for clients wanting to increase long-term funding and enhance relationships.

mGive Founded and Launched the Text Giving Channel

We created mGive in 2005, inspired by the power of mobile to engage people, and passionate about its potential to change the world. Quite simply, we changed the way people give.

It took us three years to negotiate the first agreements with wireless carriers to allow 100 percent pass-through of text donations, the ability to identify mobile donations as nontaxable items on the donor’s bill and the creation of standards and best practices to help govern the mobile channel. We first demonstrated the power of mobile in 2009 when Alicia Keys appeared on American Idol and raised $500,000 in text donations for the Keep a Child Alive Campaign after a mere four minute appearance. The awareness of text giving continued to grow in the United States when the Haiti earthquake struck, and $42 million was raised for relief efforts through $5 and $10 donations in a matter of weeks.

mGive Powers Social Good 

Today, as the leader of mobile engagement and fundraising, mGive has grown past the point of simply processing $5 and $10 text donations. Yes, we work with clients on their text giving campaigns. And they do well. But our core focus is on helping clients develop long term relationships with their mobile supporters. Our belief is that mobile is the key to acquiring, engaging and retaining donors, because your phone is with you anywhere and everywhere that you go.

mGive supports more than 1,000 nonprofit clients and has managed over 10,000 text engagement and fundraising campaigns, helping clients raise more than $75 million for their charitable work. Currently mGive processes 85 percent of all text donations in the U.S. We work with 60 wireless carriers providing access to more than 330 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. Our clients consist of the finest nonprofits in the country, including the Red Cross, National Geographic, Defenders of Wildlife, AARP Foundation, The National Park Foundation and many others.