Text donations are the easiest way to give

What is a Text Donation?

A text donation is simple! It simply means sending a text message with a keyword (e.g. HAITI) to a shortcode (e.g. 90999), to donate $5, $10, or $25 to a charity. The donation is then added to the wireless subscriber's phone bill, collected and remitted to the designated charity.

The key advantages of Text to Give over any form of mobile giving (pledging, apps, website) include:

  1. Speed and Ease of Giving - It takes seconds to make a donation. Try entering your credit card information on a mobile device and see how long it takes.
  2. Security of the Carrier Billing Systems - Unlike sending financial information over your mobile device, direct carrier billing is secure. 


Please click here for more information about our Text to Give platform.

How to Set Up Text Donations

In order to receive text donations, wireless carriers require that participating organizations are public 501(c)(3) organizations and have a minimum previous year's annual revenue of $500K.

Qualifying nonprofits apply and are certified through The mGive Foundation in order to activate a donation keyword (e.g. HAITI, HOPE, or THRIVE). 

Don't meet the carrier requirements? Don't worry, we have a solution for you!

How Donation Processing Works

The funds are collected from each carrier by the The mGive Foundation (TMF) and then sent to the appropriate charity in approximately 90 days. 


How to Promote Text Donation Keywords

The nonprofit promotes their keyword through various online/offline campaigns. Here are some examples:


To learn how donors hear about text donation campaigns, download mGive's Text Donation Study.

You can also promote community keywords that allows your nonprofit to capture mobile "opt-ins" which gives you permission to message them regularly and even include a text donation ask (e.g. reply Yes to donate $10). 

When you combine these tools with effective Mobile Marketing strategies and tactics, you build your capability and capacity to grow your nonprofit and increase the efficacy of your fundraising efforts.

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Request a quote for text donations and mobile pledges

Request a quote for text donations and mobile pledges