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Attract and Convert Strangers into Supporters 

mGive's Managed Services Program is a comprehensive, full-service solution that helps you leverage mobile technologies and digital strategies to achieve your fundraising goals. 

The mGive Managed Services Program is right for you if...

  • You are new to mobile engagement and fundraising
  • You do not have internal capabilities to convert website visitors into donations
  • You see the need to adopt new technologies and approaches to fundraising and engagement

Managed Services Packages



Designed for nonprofits with staff resources, but lack the expertise. The Booster program includes weekly consulting and strategy sessions with assigned tasks for your staff to execute.

  • Meets budgetary restrictions
  • Builds organizational knowledge of advanced digital and mobile strategies
  • Creates sustained results



Ideal for nonprofits looking to move quickly to adapt to the way today's donors give. In addition to digital and mobile strategies, the Accelerator program provides tactical support for integrated campaigns. This program works well if you're already active on social media and other channels.

  • Minimizes ramp-up time for your mobile program
  • Accelerates results
  • Provides better value


Game Changer

As the name implies, the Game-Changer is going to maximize impact and results. With the time and energy to introduce new technologies and strategies to an organization, this program is designed to transform your communication and fundraising capabilities.

  • Minimizes risk of staff turnover impacting organizational knowledge
  • Maximizes results
  • Provides the greatest value



  • Dedicated mGive Campaign Strategist with support from our digital marketing team
  • Ongoing action planning, execution, and campaign optimization
  • Identify and develop best practices for your organization
  • Campaign reporting and analysis


  • Maximize effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns
  • Minimize ramp-up time to getting measurable results
  • Build a sustainable engagement and fundraising infrastructure
  • Save time, resources, and money

See if mGive Managed Services is Right for You

Are you looking for a holistic approach to attracting and converting strangers into supporters? 

If so, request a free consultation with one of our expert strategists to figure out how you can transform your mobile and online fundraising.

A Managed Services Consultation includes:

  • An analysis of your organization's marketing performance
  • Recommendations on how to better convert website traffic into email and mobile subscribers
  • Identifying competencies and available technologies for success

Ready to take the next steps to improving fundraising results? Request a consultation today!

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