Text Donation Studies and Reports

Gain a deep understanding of donor behaviors and demographics with our studies and reports on text donations.

  • Gain insights to help you shape your mobile strategy
  • Learn best practices and tips on mobile fundraising and engagement
  • Get new ideas on optimizing your mobile campaigns
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Educational Nonprofit Webinars

Adapting to today's mobile and digital landscape requires continuous education. We provide a variety of resources to help you succeed. 

  • Learn innovative strategies to acquire, engage, and retain donors
  • View on-demand recordings and register for upcoming webinars
  • Share knowledge with your communications and development team

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Learn How Text Donations Work

A quick overview of how text donations work and how you can leverage the power of Text to Give to reach your fundraising goals.

  • Learn the basic concept of how it works
  • Understand how payment is distributed
  • See how donations are billed to donors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering a mobile program for your nonprofit? Get answers to some of the most common questions and learn what it takes to mobilize your nonprofit and cause.

  • Quickly get answers about getting started
  • Find out requirements from carriers to receive text donations
  • See what makes mGive different from other service providers

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