Innovative Fundraising

Robust payment options  to capture funds easily & securely making it as quick and easy as possible for donors to donate.

Build Your Community

Create a loyal and active giving community through effective & easy to execute mobile campaigns.

Increase Your Reach

Attract new donors, volunteers, and supporters including the next generation with the power and reach of mobile.

Helping You Succeed

Our team's been at this mobile fundraising & marketing for a long time and we'll be there to help you reach your goals.

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Power your Worthy Cause with a Dynamic Suite of Mobile & Web Tools

Whether you're looking for text to give, text to donate, or mobile marketing through text based communication, we've got you covered. Unlock the effectiveness of 99% open rates on text messages... if you have a message you need read, text will get you there. 


We Strive to Provide Best In Class Technology

Text to Give

Donations in as little as 2 steps without a credit card. Frictionless donations via text message are the easiest way for you to acquire new donors and raise funds. Get ready to offer your donors the creme de la creme of donor experience.

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Text to Donate

Text to Donate uses text messaging to direct potential donors to a mobile responsive page that accepts credit card donations of any amount. Perfect for an engaged audience and accepting larger donations. 

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile engagement & communication program designed to help you acquire donors and solicit mobile pledges. It combines monthly strategy sessions with the tools to acquire donors and solicit mobile pledges. 

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mGive Mobile Fundraising SaaS Platform

The Pioneer of Text to Give

Learn more about how mGive became the most successful mobile fundraising platform powering some of the most successful text campaigns in history.

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